How to play various Old Vegas Slots

Old Vegas Slots is a social game that can be played on Facebook, and a PC, Android or iPad can be used for it.

Besides, if a player likes it and wishes to play on the go, Old Vegas Slots free app can be installed. If a player is registered on FB, no additional activities but log in to his Facebook account are needed to start the game.

How to play Old Vegas Slots

Once a player opens Old Vegas Slots for the first time, he gets fake playing money — 15 thousand free credits. Using these credits, the player gets the right to start with the simplest slots (like Spades Royal). This is the type of a Preference game, where Spades are the highest cards. They beat Diamonds, Hearts, and Clubs. For instance 6 of Spades “eats” Ace of Hearts, etc. If a gambler wins here, he gets more credits and can play again.

With more credits, more games are opened. If he loses, this playing money can be bought. If the app is used, it is installed on the phone or a tablet first. Then, a gambler can play. The smallest bet here is a hundred, while the largest one is a thousand. Thus, the riskiest players have a chance to win more in the shortest time and open other games.

The game features

Old Vegas Slots is the game that lets a player take part in slot tournaments and see if he gambles better than his online friends. Besides, the casino players can visit various rooms with different games on the following categories:

  • Progressive jackpot slots;
  • Old Vegas Slots with 5 reels;
  • Room called Double Up as it offers slots with risk games;
  • Keno;
  • Classic Fruit slots room.

However, those players that leave their real reviews on this game application at the fan page of Old Vegas Slots say that it works only online. In offline mode, the games are not available.

Slots selection

With the number of types of games mentioned above, to be able to play huge win slots, the gambler needs to deal with the simplest Old Vegas Slots for the newbies. They include Vegas Riches and Wild 30X. The money that is won on one slot can be used to play another game of this game. If a player wants to unlock additional games, he has the right to buy credits and use them. The rules are the same (bets of 100, 250, 500, and 1000 credits).

There is one serious disadvantage here: this Old Vegas Slots free app is addictive. Once a player starts the game, it is very difficult to stop it. Watching how credits are added to his account and bonuses are offered, he takes a decision to continue this entertainment. Besides, even when all the credits are over, he can play with free playing money again, logging in his FB account the next day.

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